“I was sick all the time with bronchitis and needing antibiotics and I was sore all the time with arthritis and taking pain medicine. Nothing seemed to work. My problems have been solved by going to acupuncture and taking special customized herbs. What a relief acupuncture has been. It has vastly improved my quality of life.”

Westfield, MA

“I started having blurry vision on my left eye after 4 months of taking some prescribed medications. I was diagnosed as having optic neuropathy. Weeks after, my right eye followed, I had difficulty reading some letters in the book. I started to get headaches, I felt very tired no matter how much sleep I get. My Optometrist suggested I consult an Acupuncturist and I did. But I could not afford the cost of the acupuncture session and the herbs. I was a student and money was tight. I went home crying and scared thinking I am going to be blind and I am only 22 years old. Then the following day, Eve called me and said that a patient of her will pay for all my treatment. This person does not even know me and I don’t know her either. It was indeed a blessing and a miracle! After 10 acupuncture sessions with the herbs, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my vision. I did not have any difficulty reading my books and I did not have any headaches anymore. My energy also got better. My eye exam result also showed improvement in my visual acuity. I am very grateful to Eve and to her patient who volunteered to pay for my acupuncture.”

H. T.
South Hadley, MA

“Just a quick note to thank you again for all of your help – not only with the acupuncture but also with all of your suggestions and ideas. I am in such a better place now than I was in the Fall, and I have made changes in my life that have improved my health and well being. I ate fresh caught Salmon last night for dinner and there were no hives or rash. I guess I am more centered now! Thanks and I will call if I need help again.”

Chicopee, MA

“Never seem to have found the time to do this, but since I am closely approaching my three-year smoke free anniversary I feel you need to know what a truly success story this has been. I have been smoke free since the day I walked out of your office back in November 2003. I don’t remember the exact date, be it the 4th, 6th or 9th. But it was early in November, and I do know it was three years ago. I have never smoked another cigarette since. Occasionally there are cravings, some mild, some strong. But I have never weakened and it has not been that bad. I have put on about 18 pounds, 10 of which I could have probably used anyway, but I do have to constantly watch what I’m doing so as not to get too much out of control, with the weight I mean. Other than that, IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH.”


“The best present anyone can give themselves is the gift of feeling well. Two years ago for my 46th birthday, I started treatments with Eve for lower back pain. Once a week, I would come for treatments for my lower back pain and for my knees. After each treatment, I would feel like a new person.”

V. A.
Chicopee, MA

“I had lumbar fusion (L4-L5). I had a severe lower back pain and could hardly tie my shoes for months. I went to see Eve and after several acupuncture sessions, my lower back pain disappeared and I can tie my shoes with no problems. Now I am back to kayaking, walking my dog, swimming, etc.. I still see Eve every now and then for knee pain, allergies and/or stress. I also take some natural herbs from Eve to maintain the health of my bones – especially my back.”

N. C.
South Hadley, MA

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 24 years ago. I was always tired, I had spasm on my back and legs making walking difficult. I had urinary incontinence, loose bowel, depression, blurry vision and my toungue was getting too dry making it difficult to speak. I have seen several doctors and tried several treatments, pills, injections, physical therapy, Chiropractors. I even tried the Bee Therapy. But my health continued to deteriorate. Then my Chiropractor suggested that I consult and Acupuncturist and see what she can do for me. I met Eve, she was very warm and honest and told me what to expect from the treatment. Together we made treatment goals. Now I don’t take so many pills anymore. I still get tired (I work part-time) but I can function and move around with a walker. I might not get 110% better but I have a life. I still see Eve and still take some natural herbs from her to help me have a good night sleep and relieve most of my symptoms. I am so blessed I met this wonderful lady.”

L. Z.
Holyoke, MA

“From 1988 to 2002, I had three cervical disks operated on and the last operation they inserted a titanium plate. In 2002, I had a lower back disk rupture. I had a dorsal column stimulator installed, in which they inserted a wire around my spinal cord as well as a battery under my skin on the left side. I received a remote control for this from which I could send a different pulsating vibrations across my waist and down both legs for relief of pain.

In 2003, my lower back went out again and I could barely walk. My wife had said since allopath are limited in the sense that they can only give you medication (which I already was taking a lot of) or operate on you, that I should try acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medicine. She said that she had tried it in the past and it worked fabulous for her back problems. Not knowing what was involved, I had hesitations about even trying it, but since the pain was so great and I was miserable, I thought I would give it a try.

I made an appointment the next day with Eve, my practitioner, and she had told me all about acupuncture and how it works. I asked about the needles and she told me that I wouldn’t feel them and that she uses disposable needles only. It seemed like it took an eternity to get up on the table and I was crying with pain in doing so. Eve applied tiny needles on my ears, arms and legs. She was right; I barely felt any of them. She told me to relax and she played soothing music, which made me doze off. Forty five minutes went by and I was finished. She took the needles out and applied acupuncture pellets. She told me that I could press those pellets anytime and that they would help ease the pain if it comes back, and it worked perfectly.

After the treatment Eve told me to get up off the table and walk around! I replied that it would take me ten minutes to get off the table and she disagreed. I then rolled to my side and got up slowly. I could not believe it. All of my pain was gone and I was walking. I also felt like I was twenty years old again! (I am sixty).

I came back for treatments two times a week for 1-2 months then eventually one time a week for a couple months. Today I would occasionally get acupuncture treatments to help me feel young again, haha!

One day I had pain in my knee and left shoulder. Again Eve got rid of that pain almost immediately. She gave me natural herbs to take which would eventually ease me off the current medication I was taking. I wish that I had known about acupuncture years ago!

When I went to my regular doctor for my annual visit i f I am still taking Valium, Motrin, Soma, Celebrex, Lidocaine, etc. and I said that I only take one Soma at bedtime and that’s it. He questioned why I had stopped taking all of my medications and I had told him I went to an acupuncturist and did not really need all those pills anymore.

My mother told her sister about Eve and she called me up and asked about my experiences with acupuncture. She had said that she was not able to bend or do gardening for twenty five years and that nothing she was doing was working for her and she would give acupuncture a try. After a few weeks with Eve, she called me exclaiming that she was able to start gardening again and bending over with no pain at all! She thanked me immensely for the referral.

Instead of suffering and possibly having surgery I strongly recommend to giving Eve a visit. You will be amazed at the wonders of acupuncture and how good you will feel. I have sent over a dozen people to Eve and they all had excellent results with her.”

Stan C.
South Hadley, MA