No one wants to live with pain. Whether the pain is due to sciatica, herniated disc, arthritis, migraine, etc. it is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and out of balance and should not be ignored.

The basic concept of pain in Acupunture and Oriental Medicine revolves around the flow of energy called “QI” (pronounced Chee) inside the body. This intrinsic energy needs to flow freely to prevent illness. Think of a plug of hair obstructing the drain pipe. What happens if you ignore the problem for too long? What about if there is lots of debris in the river, what happens to the water? It gets murky, muddy and pretty soon the water in the river stops flowing.

This is like the energy in the body. If the energy is not flowing the way it should be, the other parts of the body gets deprived of the essential nutrients, hormones, blood etc. rusulting in an illness. Pain is always a common symptom that signals that an imbalance is going on inside the body.

Some pills can help alleviate the pain but relief is generally temporary. Not unless you know what is the root cause of the problem, the pain may get worse and eventually gets chronic. And surgery is not always the answer.

A practitioner in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine can determine what kind of treatment the patient will recieve to restore balance. Therefore two patients with same Western medical diagnosis will receive different treatments for a practitioner because the cause of their pain is different. The holistic vision of a practitioner cannot reduce a person’s symptom of pain to a single bone, muscle, or connective tissue. That means a patient is always given an individualized attention based on the cause and nature of the pattern of imbalance.